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In brief, scleral lenses are extra-large diameter, rigid gas permeable contacts. They extend over your cornea completely and rest on the whites of your eye, also known as the sclera. Scleral lenses thereby replace the irregular corneal surface with a properly rounded optical surface. Sharp vision is the end-result!

Scleral lenses create a bridge over the eye’s surface, which leaves a gap that fills with tears. This lubrication enhances comfort for people with dry eyes.


How to decide that Scleral Lenses are right for you?

Scleral Lenses are a good option for astigmatic patients or someone who has an irregular corneal surface. Patients with Keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, post-penetrating keratoplasty, corneal scarring, or other irregularities are also great candidates. 

What are the benefits of Scleral Lenses? 

Some benefits include improved comfort, longer wearing time, and better visual acuity. 

Comfort: Patients report feeling more comfort using Scleral Lenses over normal soft lenses. They do not dislodge with quick eye movements, and it is not common that foreign objects find their way underneath the scleral lenses.  

Corneal Health: Scleral Lenses help maintain a healthy ocular surface. Because the lenses fit around the cornea, this maintains a layer of tears that keeps the cornea moisturized. 

Delayed Surgery Benefit: Scleral lenses offer a cost effective solution to getting surgery for your eyes. This can help you defeat the many post surgery visits and long term recovery times that is involved in surgeries. 

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