Dangers of Blue Light

Living at the turn of the 21st century, we are surrounded by electronic devices that make our everyday interactions with the world around us ever easier, safer and more convenient. Although there are many positive aspects to the technological advancements represented by these devices, a darker, more dangerous side exists, which can cause serious damage to your vision if you are not aware of the risk and take steps to address it. Blue light, also known as high energy visible light, is emitted by many of these electronics, posing both serious long and short term risks to eye health.

Why Blue Light Is Dangerous?

Dr. Ali Mohebbi of Faro Optometry in Lynwood, California comments, “Surprising statistics show that on average, each and every one of us spends roughly 25 hours every single week interacting in some fashion with the screen of a computer, smart phone, tablet or other electronic device. This means that each of us spends in excess of an entire day, without sleeping, in interacting with devices that emit blue light that is proven to do serious damage to our visual system. As a result, eyestrain, headaches and fatigue, which are common side effects of blue light overexposure, are becoming increasingly prevalent complaints of much of the population. More alarming still are recent studies indicating that blue light exposure has the potential to increase risk of macular degeneration significantly over time.”

Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

Fortunately, cutting edge technological solutions to this growing epidemic exist. Specialty lenses and coatings are increasingly utilized to minimize the risk posed by blue light. Both BluTech and Crizal Prevencia lenses utilize state of the art light filtering technology to reduce or eliminate many of the harmful side effects linked to increased time in front of computers and other electronic devices.

Hoya Contact LensesHOYA Recharge coating is another cutting edge option to help cut down on the harmful effects of blue light. This amazing coating helps reflect up to 30% of harmful blue light away from the eye.

Between the filtering effect of BluTech and Crizal Prevencia, as well as the reflective properties of the Recharge coating, a large percentage of otherwise very harmful blue light never reaches the eye. This is an extremely important element in the long term health of your eyes.

Patients who spend hours on electronic devices are at increased risk of eyestrain and glare, macular degeneration or problems falling asleep at night. For more information about blue light and how to protect yourself, contact our Lynwood optometrist, Dr. Mohebbi today.

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