Astigmatism Treatment at Faro Optometry

While you may be familiar with such common refractive errors as myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness), you may find astigmatism symptoms somewhat more puzzling. Here's an overview of astigmatism and its treatment at Faro Optometry in Lynwood.


Astigmatism Symptoms and Causes

Astigmatism symptoms include some degree of blurred vision, which may range from the nearly-unnoticeable to the profound, across more than one distance field. While myopia only causes blurry distance vision and hyperopia only causes blurry near vision, you may have trouble seeing clearly at all distances with astigmatism. This may lead to you squint constantly, producing eye strain and headaches.

Astigmatism occurs then the cornea (or sometimes the lens) of the eye does not conform to an ideally smooth curvature. Any deformations in curvature can make normal refraction of incoming light impossible, which in turn makes it impossible for the eye and brain to resolve images clearly.

What causes astigmatism to worsen? While eye contours can change naturally over time, certain conditions can aggravate astigmatism. In keratoconus, for example, the corneal contours take on a cone-like shape, producing severe astigmatism as well as myopia.

"How Bad Is My Astigmatism?" Our Lynwood Optometrist Can Tell You

You're probably asking yourself, "How bad is my astigmatism?" The only way you can really get the answer to this question is by undergoing an eye exam from our Lynwood optometrist. This exam may prove especially critical for diagnosing astigmatism in children, since children may go through their early life without even realizing that their vision is less than ideal.

Our Lynwood eye doctor can include an astigmatism test as part of a comprehensive eye exam. One common astigmatism test involves measuring your corneal contours for any unusual pits or "dents." Your eye exam may also demonstrate that you have trouble seeing clearly at multiple distance levels.

How to Correct Astigmatism: Treatment Options at Our Lynwood Clinic

If you're wondering how to correct astigmatism symptoms, the most common solutions involves glasses or contacts. Once we understand your corneal curvature, our Lynwood eye doctor can offer lenses that match your eye prescription exactly.

Mild astigmatism often responds well to single-vision eyeglasses, which can correct for astigmatism and another simple refractive error such as myopia simultaneously. Some astigmatism can be corrected by soft contacts, but more advanced cases may need rigid gas permeable lenses. Conditions involving a particularly tricky eye prescription, such as keratoconus, may require the use of scleral lenses that cover the entire cornea. 

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